A truly saddening fact concerning the veterans in this country to me is that nearly 8% of the homeless were veterans in 2016. That represents approximately 47,700 give or take a little according 2016 reports at socialsolutions.com. All of Our Veterans Deserve Home Ownership! As a Realtor I have always had the desire to make a difference for these very important people that put their lives on the line for us. Amazingly many families of such individuals are not aware or just are poorly educated on how to take advantage of home purchase options for these loved ones that have given so much for our country. The VA administration has been offering home ownership options with several advantages to make it easier for veterans to own their home since 1944. For starters most veterans do not have to have any funds for a down-payment if utilizing this benefit offered to them. So if you are a veteran and feel you have to save thousands of dollars to purchase think again. In most cases simply going to a lender or credit union of your choice to get pre-qualified is all it takes to get started on the way to obtaining a home. Most veterans that do have housing by way of paying rent to live in someone else’s property often times are spending 12 to 15 percent more than what a house note monthly would cost them. What is worse is they will never gain any assets to their estate for the loved ones they someday will leave behind in death. VA lending options that are available for our United States veterans are offered at significantly lower interest rates and lower monthly payment options. For many that i have spoken with, the main issue is they are now on a fixed income and feel they can’t qualify for much if any loans at local institutions. In truth this is not uncommon for any retired person on a fixed income. What many do not realize is there are many options to rearrange finances to get around this issue especially if a working family member is living in their household to help care for them. Another aspect of VA housing benefits offers assistance with securing funds to make certain improvements on a veteran’s home when needed. As a Realtor I have had the wonderful privilege of assisting veteran families through the process of getting lending in place and once pass this step the rest is fairly easy for me to get them into a home at monthly costs usually lower than renting in nearly every case i have experienced. Further if a veteran has a home that was purchased without the use of the VA benefits it isn’t too late as refinance options do allow using the benefits and in most cases lowering the mortgage note significantly enough to ease the financial stresses of most veteran households. If you are a veteran and need guidance in obtaining your own housing give me a call today! CLICK HERE to contact me for help to utilize your VA benefits. For more details on the qualifications to use your veteran benefits for home purchases “CLICK HERE”

Additional Veteran’s Assistance Sites: “GA Dept. Vet Services”“Supportive Services for Veterans And Their Families”

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