If you own a home and have decided it is time to sell and relocate to another home for what ever reason you may have, the subject of paying the cost of a home warranty for the potential buyer often comes into question. Whether or not you provide a home warranty is totally up to you the home owner as this item is negotiable when processing the sale of a home. One of the best outlooks for making such a decision and evaluating whether or not to pay for a warranty is to look at the sale of your property from the standpoint of YOU buying a home for yourself. While most sales involve the resale of an existing home with no existing warranty there are times when the need for a home warranty may not be needed. Such an instance would be if you have a home that is still under the warranty of the builders construction warranty coverage as most of these type warranties are transferred with the sale of a relatively new home. In many instances even these warranties if past the first year generally has an appliances coverage that has expired. So, at the very least the seller may want to consider paying the small amount required to place these items back under warranty coverage along with the existing structural warranty that may still be active on the house. If your home does not currently have any form of warranty protection it is a good idea to discuss with your realtor the consideration of giving the potential buyer a fair amount of time to have your home inspected before they complete the purchase so that they have been given fair opportunity to make sure the home is adequate for the purpose they intend to use it for. Upon meeting the time allotment for such inspection, if the buyer is happy with the inspection report you have done what is fair and just in providing an adequate living space for sale. With this done and behind you the buyer now has accepted the home in the condition of which it is or as often stated, “AS IS” sale. Still if your home is more than 5 years old it is a good idea to provide or offer a home warranty to the buyer at a cost of usually no more than $650 on average with most warranty providers. Having your real estate agent order a warranty policy on your property on behalf of the potential buyer and noting this in all advertising of your property is advantageous for the sale. This usually will make your home more appealing to potential buyers because every consumer is more at ease when they have some sort of backing on major purchases that can have high end repair cost in the future. In many cases your real estate agent can also get some minimal coverage during the period the house is listed at no added cost to you the seller. What must be kept in mind by both seller and buyers in regard to third party home warranties is they are not insurance coverage but intended to significantly reduce the repair costs for items that may need attention when something breaks during the year the warranty is active on the property. Most of them have fairly reasonable deductibles and limits on what can be paid out on certain services. Further replacement terms on most home warranties reserve the right to view an inspection report by a professional in cases where items appear to have issues prior to the warranty being in place so for the buyer getting their inspection on your home is important to help them with being able to utilize the home warranty fully. As a summary while providing a home warranty is not required by law it definitely is a good option to offer when selling your home! For more details on home warranties and how they work “CLICK HERE” for details by one of the more frequently used warranty companies in Georgia.

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