For many home buyers, a new construction house means little to no issues with the structure. This idea is usually derived from considering older preexisting homes for sale in comparison. However, this is a common misconception. A new construction house often has a longer warranty period than a purchased home warranty offered with preexisting homes. This is definitely a positive aspect of a new construction house. Interestingly new home construction often has defects. Despite being new, inspectors in some cases have found that a new construction house commonly has just as many if not more items that are considered defects.

When your real estate agent is showing you homes keep an eye out for defects or poor craftsmanship in a new construction house. As a home buyer it is important to have a professional home inspection completed even if it is a new construction house. Some of the things most often found by inspectors on new construction houses are as follows.

* Missing handrails on stairs or handrails that don’t meet up to local safety codes.
* HVAC defects such as gas fired units with vent pipes not properly in place leading to carbon dioxide entering the house. Condensation lines that are not sufficiently protected with drip legs which can lead to moisture issues.
* Electrical items such as improperly wired outlets or ground wires not properly connected. Reversed polarity. Improper wire gauge on breakers. Breakers with two connections on them commonly known as double tapping. GFCI outlets that aren’t working due to incorrect wiring installation.
* Structural defects such as premature cracking often caused by the builder not allowing proper curing time. Hairline cracks in drywall due to faulty framing work.
* Insufficient insulation that can lead to poor temperature efficiency. Leaky window frames due to inaccurate framing of window size.
* Pull-down attic ladders that may not have correct fire-ratings.
* Plumbing issues such as improperly fused PVC pipes which can cause major moisture issues. Improperly vented plumbing or drainage systems. Drain pipes that haven’t been tied in after final plumbing installation of the system. Unconnected drain stoppers in sinks. Hot and Cold water pipe supply lines reversed.

These are just a few of the countless items that due to human error or poor workmanship can be deficient in new construction houses. General contractors have to maintain education on local building codes and standards. However, general contractors usually incorporate use of several different sub-contractors to complete a new construction house.

In summary, it is clear that a home inspection is still validly something you should have done. If you have more questions on home trends with preexisting home sales and new construction homes, contact me for guidance on which structures may be better for you. “CONTACT ME

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